Integrated power meter technology
Customized power meter technology
ANT+ and BLE compatible
Your Brand + Our Technology = Your Power Meter Product

Technology ready to be integrated in your product.

We have done all the heavy lifting so you can get to the market fast and with very little engineering effort.

Affordable and Accurate


Technology and manufacturing engineered for a low cost starting point.

Consistent accuracy like you expect. Designed to meet the needs of real cyclists.



Fully customized form factor. Fit to any type of crank set. Measures cadence and left-only or L+R power.

ANT+ and/or BLE. Low power consumption. Extremely lightweight.

For Cyclists

We sell to existing global brands only. No direct sale to consumers.

However, we are building a world wide team of power meter testers.

Join Team ZWATT here.

For Brands

Bike component manufacturers
Integrate our power sensor technology right into your crank sets. Sleek and invisible - or bold and distinct. Your brand - your choice.

See our products here.

Bike accessory manufacturers
Learn more about our no-glue aftermarket solution.

Contact us for full details and confidential information.

Smartphone App

Get it on Google PlayAndroid app: Sensitivus gauge available on Google Play. Please be patient for iOS app. Get your branded version of the app customized with the features you want.