Ebike, medical, and robotics torque, rpm, and position sensors



Non-contact rotational torque sensors combining stray field immunity with high zero-point stability.

Compact, flexible, fast, and cost effective sensor technology for applications in ebike, robotics, medical, and more. Easily customize to fit into your mechanical design.

Verify performance with a sensor kit. Design your ideal sensor solution using our tiny sensor modules. Scale to huge volumes with a license agreement. Use our online workshop to get up to speed fast.

Doing something out of the ordinary? Perfect. Use us as your trusted design partner to quickly get you there.



  • Online sensor design workshop
  • Design partner
  • Production setup


Quickly implement a full custom torque and angle sensing solution using our tiny (6x17mm) modules.

Select a torque-sensing metal shape that works with the constraints of the design. Fit to the optimum PCB shapes for your mechanical design.

A rotating torque and angle sensor can be designed using two 4-layer PCBs like this:

  • Rotating PCB: One module
  • Stationary PCB: One module for torque and one module for angle

The wireless interface between the two PCBs is implemented using coil shaped PCB traces. Make your own design – or let us do a rapid prototype for you.


If you are not yet ready to build your own PCB sensor, our torque and angle sensor reference designs make it easy to get started with the technology.

Each kit is based on the same technology and targeted different applications or testing scenarios.

Also, consider starting out with a sensor design workshop to clarify what rout to take at the system design level.

Easily validate the technology using a proven sensor kit.


Get up to speed fast. We use a one-week virtual workshop format to share our experiences integrating strain gauge (SG) based torque sensing across diverse systems. And how you apply this to your specific project.

A sprint effort bringing you to a complete integration concept, including SG sensing metal shapes, SG mounting position, customized shapes, and mounting for the sensor PCBs.

The workshop is tailored to the specific stage you are at in your design process.


Leveraging a deep understanding of sensing of forces, torque, angle, rpm, etc. allows us to develop innovative and creative custom designs.

We will design, test, and manufacture custom sensor applications. We can also take existing designs and improve upon specific areas.

Utilizing our tiny modules in custom form factors we can rapidly prototype a solution to fit the available mechanical space and other constraints.

Let us do the hard part for you. Outsource the project to us and free up valuable time in your team.


Power meter calibration machineAutomated test equipment for calibration and testing in development and for low-medium volume manufacturing.

Remove operator judgment and errors from the manufacturing process for higher quality and lower error rates.