Ebike torque sensors, power meters, brake sensors, etc.

Custom e-bike sensor technology

The e-bike industry is going through tremendous progression, and technology is a central part of that transformation. The integration of sensors, electronics, smartphones, and digital services makes the experience on an electric bike both safer, more authentic and much more fun.

Sensitivus develops integrated sensor technology such as torque sensors, brake sensors and power meters for e-bikes and other electrical vehicles.


Ready-made modules, technology, firmware,  app, server, test equipment


From e-bike ABS testing to
improving MTB race performance


Safer and more responsive e-bikes  with new contactless torque sensor technology


Torque sensorThe way to better ride feeling, safer riding, and more responsive e-bikes goes through a better torque sensor. Sensitivus provides an innovative, fully customizable contactless torque sensor technology. See how this can be integrated into your e-bike design with very little effort and provide a significant improvement.

As e-bikes mature all e-bike designs will have to use a torque sensor in order to provide the ride feeling consumers expect. Making your new e-bike design really fun to ride is the best way to impress your customers.


Power meter modulesEasily integrate proven cost-optimized ready-made power meter modules electronics into your cranksets.

Create higher-margin products. Brand and customize to make it your unique product.

Pre-certified CE/FCC/IC. Supports BLE and ANT+. Integrate into a crankset from 3 months. Reference designs for arm, spider and spindle based power meters.

Solid experience with all types of power meter design for arm, spindle, and spider solutions. Basic solutions are available as reference designs to speed up integration to your specific cranksets.


Brake sensorMeasure braking to get the full picture.

Developed to be used as a test tool for ABS brake manufacturers. Co-developed with BRAKEFORCE ONE.

Used for performance optimization of pro-level athletes by MTB PhD Matt Miller. Making brake events visible to coaches is changing technical MTB training and coaching today.


Power meter calibration machineAutomated test equipment for calibration and testing of power meter products in manufacturing.

Remove operator judgment and errors from the manufacturing process for higher quality and lower error rates.


Bike computersEnabling any manufacturer to add power meter to a crankset from a cost of $6. Sensitivus provides a full non-exclusive license to schematics, source code, mechanical drawings, and all the know-how needed for both the immediate implementation of power meter technology in a crankset and to further develop new solutions including pedal-based power meters.


Smartphone app

Smartphone apps for iOS and Android. Download the app today. Or get it customized for your brand.